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Top Wedding Trends to Look Out for In 2020

March 25, 2020 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

When it comes to deciding on the layout, decor, and fashion of your wedding and reception in NJ, there are a lot of sources to draw from. Blog posts, wedding magazines, and wedding planners are great places to turn when you’re deciding on the details of your wedding. Yet, none seem to be as popular as looking at the trends of the year. With this not only being a new year, but a new decade, couples are drawing further away from tradition and selecting options like these to make their wedding truly stand out. 

Natural bridal hairstyles

Natural messy bun wedding hairstyles

Natural wedding hairstyle messy ponytail

Natural, Fuss-Free Hairstyles

This year brides have chosen to do away with overly done and dramatic hairstyles. Call it a love of their natural tresses more women than ever are opting for a natural, fuss-free style for their big day. The messy bun, simple ponytails, and wearing of natural curls has become the trend for the brides of 2020. 

Natural floral bouquets Dried floral bouquet Wildflower bouquet Seasonal potted plants floral arrangement

Seasonal, Wild, and Dried Flowers

Floral arrangements are a big part of wedding and reception decor. As the millennials do what they can to preserve the environment floral wedding trends in 2020 have changed dramatically. Instead of the perfectly polished exotic floral arrangements of the past, couples are looking for more sustainable solutions. They’re opting for things like potted plants, flowers grown locally and in season, wildflowers, and even dried flowers. Not only are these arrangements gorgeous, but they do wonders for helping to preserve natural resources. 

Elaborate floral wedding cake design Elaborate floral wedding cake design Elaborate design wedding cake

Elaborate Wedding Cakes

When it comes to selecting wedding cake designs, couples are keeping the tradition of going big and bold. Yet, you’ll find in 2020 that wedding cake designs have reached a new level. Going from traditional white cake and buttercream or fondant frosting to elaborate cake flavors like red velvet, lemon, and even gin and designs made from fondant draped in flowers, glitter, dripped icing, and other works of art. 


From hairstyles to wedding cake designs, the top wedding trends of 2020 have taken weddings to a whole new level. We’re excited to see how some of our couples this year bring these trends into their wedding and reception in NJ. Hopefully, this list of trends has given you some ideas on how to add the right touches to your big day.

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