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How to Get Your Wedding Guests to Interact

September 25, 2019 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

A wedding ceremony is not just about the joining of a couple together as one but also their families. Be that as it may, getting families to interact with one another isn’t always as easy as you’d like. This is especially true if your loved ones come from different backgrounds or cultures. Of course, you want them to get along and enjoy your special day with you. So, here are some tactics that can get them mingling. 

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Mix Up the Seating

During the wedding ceremony, it is typical to have a side for the bride and another for the groom’s family. However, the reception seating is all up to you. Instead of keeping families together, mix things up. Put relatives from your family next to family members of your fiancé that you think will hit it off well. 

food station food station

Night Owl Breakfast

Tuscany Table

Food Stations

Seated dining is an option during your reception. It’s elegant and the most convenient for your guests to be served their meals. Be that as it may, it doesn’t get anyone out of their seats. Opting for a Cocktail-Style wedding for your reception can help break the ice and get people talking. 

Radisson Weddings at the Crystal Ballroom and Emerald Ballroom in Freehold NJ 21

Crystal Ballroom wedding venue in Freehold New Jersey of Monmouth County 07


NJ Wedding Venues, Crystal Ballroom in Freehold NJ at the Radisson 10

Great Music

What gets a person up out of their seats and dancing better than a great song? When choosing a music lineup for your reception, remember your guests. Try to choose music from their era that would get them reminiscing and dancing. They’ll forget all about their differences and simply have a good time celebrating. 

wedding games

wedding entertainment


Your wedding reception is nothing more than a party anyway, so why not have some games for your guests? These games could be the icebreaker you need to get everyone socializing. Place trivia games about yourselves at the table for guests to answer. The table who gets the most right will win a prize. This would require them to work together to succeed. 

Marriage is all about joining together of families in love. Depending on your personal or cultural differences as a couple, however, bringing your families together might be easier said than done. To get the ball rolling and keep the conversation flowing, remember to add each of these elements to your wedding reception. 

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